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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

I am going to get straight to the point here, and list out all the mobile apps that I use to stay motivated and organized throughout the year. I have been working on finding the best way to track and motivate myself for a while now, and I finally feel like this is the system that works best for me. Hopefully you too can find these apps helpful. As always, reach out to me if you want to chat!

*These are all in addition to my printed VIA Plan*


Evernote is very similar to an Apple Notes. I enjoy Evernote more because the web app is just as good as the mobile one, and I can use it with any device, not just Apple. Evernote can also be set up for passcode entry, which I like- because I keep a lot of my passwords in one of my notes. Hopefully I never forget the passcode to Evernote!

What I use it for-

Daily/Weekly Reminders: This is more like a mobile version of my VIA Plan, with a daily planner, all in one. This is where I can physically keep track of my daily goals listed on my VIA Plan, and add in the little things- like get a manicure, or do the laundry. I tend to plan out each day before I go to bed. It helps me feel at ease that the things I want to get done are written down, and I can hold myself accountable for the things I said I was going to do. I do have a tendency to move tasks down on the list...more often than not. But they still get done!

At the bottom of this list, I have my monthly goals. This way if I have free time during the week, I scroll down to the bottom and add in things I wanted to get done that month. For example: a few months ago I was in crazy home organizing mode. So I wrote down all the things I wanted to go through on my monthly list, when I had some spare time I would scroll down and pick a random drawer or spot in the house I wanted to clean. It actually worked way better than I expected!

Now it is onto wedding planning, doesn’t it look so fun!!

Bucket Lists: Anytime I see or hear of a place that I want to visit, or adventurous thing I want to do, I immediately pull up this list up and add to it. It is one thing to have a Bucket List, and it’s another to actually use a Bucket List. My goal is to accomplish my ridiculously long and obnoxious Bucket List, and still have time to add to it!

Everything and Anything: From dreams I had, to recipes I find, to future baby names- Evernote keeps track of it all for me!

Virtual Vision Boarding: *MY FAVORITE*

Think about all the times we look at our phones during the day. Insane amount- right! Think of how influenced you could be if you saw the things you dream of every second you open your phone.

I started this idea back in college when I used to love making custom background on my MacBook Pro, to keep me sane during the crazy library hours. Back then they were usually filled with Mac Miller, Tumblr pics, and infinity signs. You might think I am joking… but here is a gem from back in the day.

Anyways, it really did help me stay focused on the positive quotes, and motivated to marry Mac Miller (RIP!). Then I moved onto creating mosaic backgrounds for my iphone, and I really haven’t stopped since.

I was never a fan of the typical Vision Board, filled with magazine cutouts of things I HAD to choose from. So I started screenshotting the pictures I really liked on Instagram or Pinterest, and quotes that resonated with me that month, to piece together into a new motivating background. It now helps me stay focused on the things I want in life, and motivated to live the life portrayed in the picture. For this to truly work, you have to believe that you are already inside those pictures, living that life or having those things.

There are so many picture stitching applications out there, but I have found just the generic “Pic Stitch” to be my favorite. I literally just add in a whole bunch of pictures that I love, save it as my phone background, and create a new one about every 2-3 months.

Article on the positive effects of Vision Boarding!

As you can see, I have matured a little from infinity signs and the surfer life. This month is all about health, wedding planning, organizing, and I always add in pictures of my guardian angels!

Five Minute Journal:

If you never heard of this, I think it's a must have for everyone!! It has made me so much more appreciative and grateful for the small things in life, and it also pushes me to reflect back on each day. The morning entries encourage you to write 3 things you are grateful for that day and they have be different each day! This really helps push you to think small. Yes we are all grateful for family, friends, career, etc, but what about the everyday gifts you are given that other people dream about? Fresh water, the ability to walk out of bed, the freedom to learn...think small and it will make you realize you have so much more than you think.

The Five Minute Journal, then has you write three things you will do to make today great. This is where I hold myself accountable for the goals I want to achieve. Get creative and focus on what truly makes you feel better and have great days.

Next prompt is the daily affirmation- this is your confidence booster! Write an affirmation that you may not feel fully, but you know is inside you. Grow into your affirmation and set goals that you need to work for. Feel this affirmation and believe it!

The evening entry consists of three amazing things that happened that day and one way you could have made today better. This pushes you to find the greatness in the worst days! On the days you feel like you felt more sad that happiness, there is always something amazing that happened, you just have to dig a little deeper to find it. Then on the good days, it provides you with a memory journal to go back and look at all the great things that have happened, even on the bad days- sometimes when you look back, and you realize they weren't so bad after all.

I started off with the actual journal, and now I have moved onto the app just because I got lazy, and would forget to do it all to often. This app can also send you push notifications morning and night, so you never forget to complete an entry!

Google Calendar/ Apple Calendar:

Great for those hard to remember events a few weeks/months away. Other than that, I usually never add new events into these calendars.

What I use it for-

Payment Reminders: I have all my bill dates listed on my calendar with a day-of reminder set on them. When I create them, I hit repeat monthly- now you never have to worry about re-adding bills to your calendar. Also just switched over every single bill I pay to auto-pay...such a simple task, that releases the stress of forgetting to pay it.

BIRTHDAYSSS!!!: I stopped relying on Facebook to say Happy Birthday. One day I just went through all my close friends Facebook page, and added their birthday to my calendar with a yearly repeat and weekly reminder. Since I live away from home, I need a few days to ship out presents, so a weekly reminder is a must. This has been a huge goal of mine since my best friend passed away. Kenzie literally never missed a birthday, and would always send a little gift with a hand written card. I treasured her notes then, but even more now!

Vacations and Going Out Plans: Sometimes I am a “Yes Man”, and want to do it all.These reminders help me to not double book nights out with friends or long trips.

Weekly household reminders: Water your plants!

Day One:

This is the app I use just for phone journaling. If I randomly come up with an idea, or just need to ramble...this is my place. It isn’t overly fancy, and gets the job done! I also like it because you can allow it to send you push notifications to remind you to create an entry for the day.

Google Drive/Google Sheets:

Again, nothing too fancy, I just use Google Drive to track my finances. I list out everything I spend in one month, and tally it all up at the end to see where all my hard earned money is going. This has been super helpful for staying on track for budgets and realizing those $2.66 Dunkin coffees with almond milk really add up.

Here is a link to a template I created for myself. Feel free to copy this or create your own Google Sheet!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and found some of the tips helpful. I might sound like a crazy person, but this stuff relaxes me! I truly love organizing and staying on track with the goals I set for myself.

Feel free to reach out and talk all things organization and goal setting… or just to say “hello!”.




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